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CEA Spec Enhances USB OTG
Arlington, Va. - The Consumer Electronics Association adopted an enhancement to the USB On-The-Go (mini USB) spec to promote its adoption by cellphone makers.

Mini USB, a supplement to the high-speed USB 2.0 spec, allows the direct connection of portable, low-power devices to one another. The CEA's enhancement, called CEA-936, procides for the delivery of analog audio over the cable, enabling cellphone and accessory makers to use standard miniUSB cables to connect cellphones to car kits. The phones' mini-USB port could also be connected to PDAs for data transmission without the need for proprietary, higher cost cable adapters.

Nextel Rolling Out Phase 1
Reston, Va. - Nextel launched phase 1 of its Nationwide Direct Connect Service in 16 states and plans to offer the service in all of its markets by the second quarter.

Phase 1 of the service lets a subscriber who travels outside of his local market to have local Direct Connect access to subscribers who reside in the market to which the subscriber has traveled. The traveler also has Direct Connect access to other subscribers who traveled with him. Phase 2, available by the third quarter, will let any Direct Connect subscriber connect instantly to any other Sircet Connect subscriber anywhere within Nextel's national network.

Point Of Sale Is Churn Factor
San Francisco - Pricing and network quality might be the most important factors contributing to churn, but the consumer's shopping experience 'also plays an important role in setting customer expectations and is a key driver of the likelihood to churn,' a Telephia study concludes.

In launching a continuing point-of-purchase survey of consumers, Telephia found that the 38 percent of subscribers who weren't highly satisfied with their point-of-purchase experience were almost four times as likely to switch providers as the 10 percent who were highly satisfied. The results were based on an online survey of more than 100,000 subscribers surveyed over the past year in the 35 largest markets.

Future surveys will emphasize subscribers who visited a retail store in the previous 90 days. It will focus on consumers' behavior and attitudes about various distribution channels and about the shopping experience.


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