Communications Briefs


Free EDGE In Cards
Redmond, Wash. — AT&T Wireless has begun offering free EDGE-equipped PC Card modems to consumers who sign up for a two-year unlimited-use data plan at $79.99/month. The Sony Ericsson modem card usually retails for $249 after rebate. The offer is available through all distribution channels.

LG Gets A Voice
San Diego — The new LG VX4500 available last month through Verizon is LG’s first phone with voice command.

The replacement for VX4400 lets users access contacts, voicemail, schedules and time by speaker-independent voice command. The clamshell model has color screen, external screen, and personal organizer functions, including a phone book with 499 names with five numbers and three email addresses per name. It’s equipped with BREW download capability, browser, and external USB capability. Verizon offers it at $89 with two-year contract and after $30 mail-in rebate.

Audiovox Ships
Hauppauge, N.Y. — The Toshiba-branded VM4050 cameraphone, marketed by Audiovox, became available this month through Sprint PCS at $179 with two-year service contract. The 4.1-ounce clamshell phone features VGA camera with autofocus and zoom, video camera with integrated light to take 15-second video clips, interior and exterior color LCD screens, voice recorder, speakerphone, and picture caller ID. The CDMA 1X trimode delivers 3.3 hours of digital talk time or 10 days standby on the standard battery.


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