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Comcast Extends Free Internet Essentials Offer

Set to expire June 30, offer now valid through end of year

Comcast said Thursday it has extended its free Internet Essentials broadband offer to homes through the end of the year.

Comcast, as did most other cable operators, offered 60-days of free Internet service to homes with college, elementary and high school-aged children back in March as part of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. That offer was extended to June 30 as stay-at-home orders continued. Even with most school years ended, Comcast said it has decided to extend the offer through the end of 2020. In addition, Comcast will continue to waive, through the end of the year, the requirement that customers not have a past due balance with Comcast to qualify for the free offer.

“For almost a decade, Comcast has been helping to level the playing field for families in need so they can benefit from all the Internet has to offer. So, we’re happy to be able to extend this 60 days of free Internet service to new customers,” said Xfinity Consumer Services president Dana Strong in a press release. “Now more than ever, connectivity has become a vital tool for families to access educational resources for students, important news and information about their community and the world, telehealth applications, or to stay in touch with family and friends.”

Comcast started Internet Essentials in 2011, and since that time has connected more than two million low-income families to the Internet, serving approximately eight million people. The program offers high-speed Internet service for $9.95 a month plus tax, and provides multiple options to access free digital skills training in print, online, and in person. In addition, customers have the option to purchase a low-cost Internet-ready computer.

Internet Essentials is structured in partnership between Comcast and school districts, libraries, elected officials, and nonprofit community partners. Applicants can go to: using any web-connected device, including mobile phones.

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