Colleagues, Family Mourn Reese Haggott

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Torrance, Calif. - Family members and business colleagues got together over the weekend to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Reese Haggott, a key leader in building the mobile electronics aftermarket.

Haggott, who passed away Oct. 30 from pancreatic cancer, was employed at Alpine Electronics during the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s and rose to become sales and marketing VP, where he became known for building a nationwide network of Alpine specialty retailers who numbered about 600 at the time.

 Ray Windsor, who worked with Haggott at Eclipse after Haggott left Alpine, organized the event and called Haggott "a truly innovative and uncommon man." Haggott, he said, "played a big role in a lot of our industry's most successful retailers from his days at Hi-Gain, Pioneer, Alpine, Blaupunkt, Eclipse, Coustic, etc."

Although no one made a public speech, Windsor said, business colleagues talked about Haggott's impact on the 12-volt industry and how he helped them personally. "It seemed as if the group was collectively hoping that if each of us as individuals could have just a small fraction of the positive impact on lives and business that Reese Haggott did, we would be very proud," Windsor said.

  Although Haggott requested that "no one mourn" his passing, Windsor said "anyone interested in memorializing a thought or memory of Reese" could send an email to Lori Jenkins, Haggott's former wife of 17 years and "friend at his passing." Jenkins said she would pass on any comments sent to

to Haggott's children to create a keepsake.

 During the gathering, Dave Black quoted a "Reese'ism," Windsor said: "Don't be sad because it's over. Smile because it happened."


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