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Cognitive Networks Adds Ecosystem Partners

San Francisco – Cognitive Networks, a developer of smart TV technologies, revealed a host of partnerships for the development of an smart TV ecosystem, involving interactive content creation and distribution platforms, app developers, advertisers, TV manufacturers and content providers.

New partners include: interactive platform providers Ensequence and Watchwith, app developers A Different Engine and Accedo, and advertiser solution providers BrightLine, DG MediaMind, emuse, Furious Minds, and Visible World.

Cognitive Networks said the first-of-its-kind smart TV ecosystem for Enhanced TV will allow programmers, service providers and advertisers to drive deeper engagement, increase programming ratings, advertising effectiveness, and provide new ad opportunities across the Smart TV ecosystem.

A key part of the rapidly emerging ecosystem is Cognitive Networks’ ENGAGE API which allows application providers to launch opt-in based applications that are intelligently synchronized with live or time-shifted television.

Cognitive Networks’ Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology enables delivery of contextually-related content in synchronization regular TV programming.

Cognitive Network’s said its addressable service delivery enables advertisers to customize interactions and gives content producers and networks the ability to expand viewership, watch-time, and push deeper engagement.    

Cognitive Networks will demonstrate its smart TV ecosystem at 2014 International CES, Jan. 7-10, LVCC, Gold Lot #80309.