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Coby Unveils Portable Media, MP3 Lineup

Coby will unveil its latest portable media players, DVD, MP3 players and more at booth 14444 in the Central Hall.

Coby’s latest portable media players include the 20GB PMP4320 and the 30GB PMP4330 models which each feature 4.3-inch screens, SD memory card slots, A/V outputs for use with home theaters, integrated high-output speakers, USB 2.0 capabilities, integrated FM radios and microphones. They also feature the ability to store and play/view video, music, photos and text.

The company is also introducing three new portable DVD players: the TF-DVD7307, the TFDVD7377 and the TF-DVD7750.

Additions to Coby’s MP3 player lines are the MP-C7055, 7085 and 7095 players, which have memories of 512MB, 1GB and 2GB, respectively. Each offers the ability to play music, and view text, photos and videos through a touch-pad interface and a 1.6-inch LCD full-color screen. All three feature USB 2.0, digital voice recording capabilities and an integrated FM radio and recorder.

Other portable MP3 players include USB-stick players, rubberized sports MP3 players, “pendant” players and more.

The company is bowing a 47-inch widescreen LCD HDTV with full-range stereo speakers and a wall-mountable design. Features include both ATSC and NTSC tuners, 1,080p full-HDTV resolution, optical, digital and analog A/V connections, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, picture-in-picture, a built-in V-chip and more.

Among digital photo frames being introduced are the 8-inch DP-882 and the 10-inch DP-102. Each feature a built-in MP3 player and integrated stereo speakers, which allow users to watch a digital slide show of photos or movies set to music. The units can play both MP3 and WMA audio files and MP4 and AVI video files and can display JPEG and BMP image files.

Coby is also introducing its DVD-598m, a slim-profile 5.1 channel up-conversion DVD player that features HDMI output and DiVX playback. The progressive-scan DVD unit plays digital audio and video and displays photos directly from USB drives and SD/MMC cards.

Visit the Coby booth for more product details and pricing information.