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Coby Debuts USB Receiver For ATSC-M/H

Lake Success, N.Y. –
Coby Electronics recently introduced a USB receiver designed to let consumers
tune in over the air to ATSC-M/H TV broadcasts from remote locations.

The DTV111 TV-to-Go USB
receiver is compatible with Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) and Vista XP programs. Minimum
computer requirements are an Intel Atom N270 (1GHz) processor, 1GB RAM, and a
DVD/CD-ROM drive with mini CD support, Coby said.

Features of the DTV111
include the ability to pause, resume and rewind live TV functions with DVR time-shifting,
as well as the ability to fast-forward through recorded shows. It comes with a
compact antenna, auxiliary external antenna and an installation mini-CD.

The device can receive
only stations that broadcast MDTV signals and not non-MDTV or analog low-power
TV signals, the company noted.

Michael Paladino, Coby
senior marketing manager, said in a statement, “While broadcast coverage is
still developing, we’re certain availability will grow tremendously and that
consumers will be delighted that no subscription fees are required to access
the signal, making it easy for people to tune in and enjoy their favorite local
shows any time they want from almost anywhere.”

It’s currently available
for $69.99.