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Cobra Updates iRadar, Bows Detector


Cobra Electronics is
updating its iRadar system and bringing
new products to International CES
this week.

Cobra is launching the JoyRide
charging accessory and Android app,
which automatically reconfigures a
phone for in-car usage. Pushing a
single button can initiate phone calls,
launch voice commands, share information
about road hazards and live
police, pause and play music, and
launch GPS navigation apps. Shipments
are set for Q2 but pricing was
not available.

The Vendetta radar and laser detector
features a 2.4-inch TFT color LCD
display, which can be rotated 270 degrees
vertically and 60 degrees horizontally.
It comes with an integrated
GPS receiver and access to Cobra’s national database
of Aura. Pricing will start at $199, and shipments
begin during Q2.

Cobra is also upgrading its iRadar
Smart Detection System by having
alerts sent into the Cloud, allowing
drivers to warn one another in real
time of live police, caution areas and
photo enforcement areas. When an
iRadar-capable device detects a
safety alert or caution, it can automatically
share this information with
other iRadar Community users nearby,
Cobra said.

The new, updated Tag G5 uses the
Bluetooth v4.0 Low-Energy (BLE)
standard for battery life of six months
or more when paired to a Bluetooth
Smart Ready mobile phone. Pricing starts at $49.99
with availability in the second quarter.