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Cobra Readies New PND For Truckers

– Cobra added multiple new features to the latest version of its 7-inch
portable navigation device (PND) for truckers, including a new Quick-Tabs
feature that lets drivers quickly access such information as distance to weigh stations
and to travel centers.

new features in the $499-suggested Cobra 7750 Platinum include junction view
with lane assist, hours-of-service log and timer, a state mileage log, a
higher-resolution screen, and simpler menu system, the company said. The device
will be available in travel centers Oct. 1, a spokesperson told TWICE.

its predecessor, the 7750 uses a TeleAtlas map said to deliver more than 1
million more miles of road coverage in the U.S. compared with the competition,
Cobra said. The map also provides 17 times more last-mile, or dock-to-dock,
road coverage, the company added.

total of 33,000 truck-specific points of interest (POIs) compiled by ProMiles
and TruckDown are included in the PND’s database, including travel centers and
their amenities, fueling stations, restaurants, heavy-duty towing companies,
truck repair shops, weigh stations and the like. More than 12 million POIs from
TeleAtlas are also included.

device also comes with free 3-month use of Cobra’s camera and driving-hazard
database, which costs $29.99/year after that.

PND can be switched to Consumer mode to eliminate weight and height
restrictions when calculating a driver’s route.