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Cobra Licenses Its Brand To Inter-Ocean

Chicago — Cobra Electronics announced that Inter-Ocean Industries of Lodi, N.J., will license the use of the Cobra brand and logo on a variety of consumer electronics products in more than 20 countries, including the United States.

Inter-Ocean has received a license to develop and sell Cobra-branded products in nine CE categories including home video and audio, portable video and audio, personal computers, PDAs, telephones, and car audio and video. The first products will go on sale in the first quarter of 2006 in the United States, Europe and South America, said Cobra.

“As a long-standing partner to consumer electronics companies, Inter-Ocean provides Cobra with new opportunities to be associated with additional categories of high-quality and good-value consumer electronics used by households around the world,” said Cobra’s president/CEO Jim Bazet. “This is Cobra’s first licensing agreement of this nature, and we have taken steps to ensure that products carrying the Cobra brand meet our standards, including the active oversight of product development, design integrity and manufacturing by our own engineers,” he added.

Inter-Ocean has manufactured CE products for over 45 years and has been a distributor and licensee in various territories for brands including Sony, Panasonic, Technics, Aiwa, Samsung, Philips and Sony-Ericsson, said Cobra.

Some of the new Cobra-branded products will be on display at the Cobra booth at the International CES in January.