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Cobra Launches New Radars, Portable Music Receiver

LAS VEGAS — Cobra Electronics headed to International CES with an expanded offering of radar detectors, including what it’s calling the first under-the-hood radar/laser/ camera detector to use a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone.

The iRadar S-series under-the-hood detector connects to Cobra’s free iRadar app, providing access to the crowd-sourcing iRadar Community.

Cobra will also show its iRadar Atom radar/laser/ camera detection system, billed as using smaller components and having “the smallest footprint in the industry.” It too lets drivers share alerts with the iRadar Community. Cobra said the system is 30 percent smaller than its iRadar 200.

Also in radar detectors is the compact Cobra’s SPX line: SPX 5300, SPX 5400 and the SPX 5500, all with Auto Mute, LaserEye 360 laser detection, Intellimute/ Intellimute Pro, UltraBright Data Display, city/highway mode and a five-level signal strength meter.

The Cobra AirWave portable music receiver lets users wirelessly connect Bluetoothenabled media device to their older-generation home stereo, car stereo or stand-alone speakers.

Finally, Cobra will also show a line of twoway radios and its HH500 floating VHF marine radio with Bluetooth and Rewind-Say- Again technology. The radio has a dedicated receiver for NOAA weather channels to alert users of approaching weather conditions.