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Cobra Intros PhoneLynx

Chicago – Cobra
Electronics introduced a device that lets users transfer cellphone calls to
their landlines.

The PhoneLynx system uses
Bluetooth to pair the cellphone with home phones. When the cellphone rings, all
the home phones ring, and outgoing calls made through a home phone reportedly
go through using the cellphone number.

According to Cobra,
installation is similar to pairing a cellphone with a wireless headset.  

“The Cobra PhoneLynx
system truly represents the next generation of home telecommunications,” said
Sally Washlow, Cobra’s marketing and sales senior VP, in a statement. “With the
Cobra PhoneLynx system, there’s simply no reason for most people to waste
hundreds of dollars each year on home phone bills.”

Other benefits touted by
Cobra include the ability to keep the cellphone charging rather than in use,
the ability to take calls in non-cell-friendly areas in the home, such as
basements, and increased call clarity using the company’s ClearCall
noise-canceling technology. 

The system will be
available this month for a $59.95 suggested retail.