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CNE Offers `Adult Swim’ Customized DVD Ordering Tool

New York – Cartoon
Network Enterprises (CNE), the licensing and merchandising arm of cable TV’s Cartoon
Network and Adult Swim, launched Monday an online tool that will enable
consumers to make customized DVDs of episodes from hundreds of the most popular
Adult Swim program episodes.

Consumers can visit the Adult
Swim retail shop
to find the Build a Custom DVD area. There viewers will
find a mélange of Adult Swim original series episodes that they can drag and
drop into a DVD creation queue.

The first phase of the Adult Swim’s Build a Custom DVD program
will launch with approximately 100 episodes of popular Adult Swim original
series, including “Robot Chicken,” “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” “The Venture. Bros.,”
“Sealab 2021,” “Tim & Eric Awesome Show,” “Great Job!,” “The Drinky Crow
Show” and “Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.” 

Upon visiting the site, fans will go through a four-step process
to create their disc: build it, design it, review it and buy it.

In the “build it” section, fans mix and match episodes across all
series and upload them on to a 110-minute DVD. 

Once the content is selected, they move on to the “design it” section,
where they select artwork for the DVD case, menus and disc face, as well as
come up with a DVD name and description.

In the “review it” section, fans confirm all of the details
before getting ready to “buy it.”

The DVD will be available for a flat rate of $20 and will be
created and shipped out to its recipient within 48 hours. 

In time for the holidays, the company plans to expand the program
to include the more than 1,000 episodes in the Adult Swim originals library
across 30 series, and will include additional artwork options from which to

The customized offering will be available solely through the Web
site, although CNE also produces DVDs and soon a Blu-ray Disc for retail

Adult Swim is the late-night component of the Cartoon Network’s
channels, offering adult-themed content.

Currently CNE also sells Adult Swim programming electronically
through key accounts, including iTunes, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

The company enhances its digital download offerings with
exclusive content, talent chats and more.