Clip-On 3D Glasses Debut From Marchon3D


New York - Marchon3D today unveiled Ultraclips, clip-on passive 3D glasses for prescription eyeglass wearers.

The Ultraclips, an expansion of the company's M3D collection, use micro-magnets soldered directly onto the frame to hold the clip flush to the polarized 3D lenses. The lenses are also photochromic so they function as sunglasses. The photochromic lens transitions to a sunglass in 30 seconds or less when exposed to sunlight.

"The Marchon3D Ultraclips are extremely versatile," said Jeff Stern, Marchon's VP/brand executive. "In addition to being photocromic, they work with all passive 3D technology. You can go from using your Marchon3D Ultraclips outside as your everyday sunglasses, to the 3D movie theater, to your 3D gaming consol or television set without ever changing the clips.The Ultraclips are so light and comfortable that the wearer won't notice any difference between the clips and his or her regular frames."

Marchon3D Ultraclips will be available through independent eyecare professionals starting this spring. The Autoflex 3D frame package (clip and frame) will wholesale for $99 to $105.


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