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Clearwire Adds New Reseller

Fort Lee, N.J. – Prepaid
cellular-service provider


will add 4G wireless-broadband service under a reselling
agreement with Clearwire, whose 4G wireless-data service is currently resold by
Sprint, Best Buy and select cable operators.

 Locus’s 4G prepaid data service will be
available sometime later this year.

 Locus, which offers prepaid service on GSM and
CDMA phones, also sells long-distance calling cards. It boasts more than
300,000 wireless customers and calls itself one of the largest prepaid wireless
MVNOs in the United States. The company’s prepaid wireless and calling card
products are available in more than 70,000 locations nationwide.

 Clearwire’s network offers average mobile
download speeds of 3Mbps to 6Mbps with bursts of more than 10Mbps. Clearwire’s
4G network is currently available in 71 cities with a population of about 120
million people.