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ClearOne Adds New Sources To Multiroom

– ClearOne will arrive at the CEDIA Expo with four new products for its


‘ IP-based DigiLinX A/V multiroom-AV
system and Musica multiroom-audio system. Most are designed to add new audio
sources such as iPods and iPads to the systems.

DigiLinX multiroom-AV systems distribute audio, video and control signals
around the house over an IP-based network. The Musica system distributes audio
as preamp-level analog audio over CAT-5 cable, though the system can be
controlled via IP.

 For DigiLinx systems, the company will unveil
a new TouchLinX TLA250 IP-based in-wall touch panel with built-in amplifier,
the Anthology IP-based networked music player, and the DigiLinX IPD100 iPod
Dock. The Musica MU5066 Audio Distribution Center is designed for the Musica multiroom-audio

 The new TouchLinX TLA250 in-wall control
pad/amplifier features 2×50-watt amplifier, built-in intercom capability, built-in
Internet radio, and OLED display. The control pad/amp is rated at 2×50 watts
into 4 ohms and incorporates the hardware and software required to take TCP/IP
audio packets, convert them back to audio, and amplify the audio signal for playback
through connected in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. A built-in microphone allows
any zone to become part of the DigiLinX IP Intercom system for monitoring,
paging, or two-way intercom sessions. Other features include four-band graphic
equalizer. The OLED display displays white text on a black background.

 The Anthology music player incorporates
Internet radio and automatically scans for music stored on network attached
storage devices and PCs for streaming to any zone in a house. Anthology also
taps into thousands of Internet radio stations as well as into online services such
as Pandora and Sirius Internet Radio.

 Also for DigiLinX systems, the new IPD100 iPod
Dock is designed to stream music from a docked iPod to any room of a house. The
multiroom system’s in-wall controllers select the docked iPod’s music by genre,
playlist, album, artist or individual song title, even if the docked iPod is in
another room. The company previously offered interfaces to other companies’
iPod docks.

 For the Musica multiroom-audio system, the new
Musica MU5066 Audio Distribution Center adds control options for the Apple
iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. It also features four global source inputs, up to
18 local sources, and up to 18 FM tuners, which are sold separately. The
four-source, six-zone MU5066 is expandable to 18 zones when additional models
are connected. The MU5066KP amplifier/keypads available for the Musica system
feature five-band graphic equalizer, the ability to turn all room on/off, and
up to 48 macro functions.

 Prices and ship dates were unavailable.