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Clear Channel Readies Predictive Traffic Service

– Clear Channel will deliver Inrix-provided predictive traffic info through its
HD Radio-based traffic-information service in the early third quarter when, as
previously announced, it

the service

to include local and national weather
conditions, sports scores and news headlines.

the new Predictive Traffic Flow feature, Clear Channel’s Total Traffic HD Plus
data service will forecast travel times based on current traffic conditions and
an analysis of how the conditions will change over time, the radio broadcaster
explained. Another new predictive feature, Traffic-Influenced Key Route Travel Times, will provide a snapshot
of current and forecast traffic conditions on major travel routes in each city.
To deliver these features, Total Traffic HD Plus monitors real-time speeds and
congestion on more than 260,000 miles of roads covering all major metropolitan
areas and connecting highways across North America, the company said.

service will also be upgraded in the third quarter to deliver gas prices
provided by Inrix from more than 110,000
gas stations nationwide.

The expanded service will go commercial
in the early third quarter in the 63 metro areas where the company already
offers real-time traffic data via HD Radio broadcasts. The data are delivered
to installed in-vehicle navigation systems as well as to mobile devices, such
as PNDs (portable navigation devices), equipped with HD Radio tuners.

  The company plans to expand the HD Radio data
service by 2011 to all of the 110 markets where it deliver
real-time traffic data through its RDS-based analog-FM

Total Traffic Network

service, a
spokesperson said.

  Clear Channels’ RDS- and HD Radio-delivered
traffic data uses data provided by Inrix,, which uses “crowd-sourced” traffic
speeds transmitted in real-time from more than 2 million GPS-equipped vehicles.
Inrix also captures data from traffic sensors and electronic toll tags. That data
is combined with information provided by 65 Clear Channel operations centers,
which monitor roadways via on-street reporters, traffic cameras, tip lines,
mobile units and police scanners.

 As previously announced, a JVC nav system
available since April will be the first product announced to date to take
advantage of the Total
Traffic HD Plus
services. The $1,199-suggested double-DIN KW-NT3HDT in-dash navigation system
features CD/DVD player and embedded iTunes-tagging HD Radio.

KW-NT3HDT is JVC’s first nav unit with built-in HD Radio and first double-DIN
product with built-in HD Radio. Other features include USB Host port, embedded
Bluetooth, and 400MHz CPU for quick route recalculation and faster start-up