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Clarity Unveils Cellphone For Seniors

Chattanooga, Tenn. –


, a Plantronics division,
unveiled its latest cellphone targeted to seniors.

The phone, called the Pal, is a $99 unlocked GSM phone that
features 25dB of audio amplification, large screen and dial pad, and one-touch
emergency button. Users can insert their own SIM card. The phone is available
for consumer preorders at


Clarity also markets amplified home phones, notification
systems and assistive listening devices for people with hearing loss, low
vision, limited mobility and dexterity issues, among other things. In 2008, it
launched its first amplified cellphone, also an unlocked GSM phone.

The new phone lacks apps, games and a camera, but it
features a 2-inch color LCD with oversized characters, 25 dB of amplification
for the 36 million Americans with hearing loss, adjustable dB-boost level and
tone controls, talking caller ID, vibrating and flashing call notification, illuminated
dial pad, a Talk Back feature that speaks the numbers as the user dials, and hearing-aid

 On back , the Pal
features a one-touch red heart button that calls and sends text messages to
five pre-programmed numbers in case of an emergency. The feature cycles through
the five contacts until someone is reached. 

Also to simplify use, the phone features zoom-in viewing of phonebook
listings and three speed-dial buttons.

Other features include speakerphones, hands-free Bluetooth, nine
loud ring tones, a calendar, an alarm clock, a calculator and a stop watch.