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Clarion Updates Training Program

CYPRESS, Calif. — A revamped product
training program for Clarion dealers
and distributors will include enhancements
as well as significantly more training
at dealer and distributor locations,
the company said.

Like before, Clarion offers three
methods of training: at dealer/distributor
sites, via interactive Web conference,
or via online certification sessions taken
at the dealer’s convenience.

This year, the company plans to conduct
“significantly more” on-site training
than before and to date has scheduled
more than 44 on-site sessions, a spokesperson
said. Most on-site sessions will be
conducted in the first half of the year, but
Clarion said it hopes to schedule others
throughout the entire year.

The content of the training programs
has been upgraded to include
“more in-depth knowledge on the
products’ key selling features,” the
spokesperson added.

Clarion’s 2010 online certification program
provides three different levels of
tests based on information found in Clarion
product catalogs, Web site and application