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Clarion Marine Units Priced To $799

CYPRESS, CALIF. – Clarion launched three marine head units — the M704, CMS5 and CMS2 digital media receivers — and carried over four existing models to expand its selection to seven from five.

The three new models ship in the first quarter.

The $799-suggested CMS5 is a two-piece unit consisting of an outboard water-tight black box and on-dash dual-zone controller that features 4.3- inch optically bonded water-tight color LCD display.

The black box features J1939 CAN-bus interface to integrate with a boat’s factory-installed multifunction display.

The controller connects via CAT-5 Ethernet cable to the black box, which incorporates global AM/ FM/weatherband tuner with RDS, Bluetooth with AptX and AVRCP 1.4, dual 2.1-amp USB ports and Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad USB.

The CMS5 also selects songs stored on a USBconnected Android phone set to mass-storage mode. The head controls Pandora on a USB-connected iPhone and on a Bluetooth-connected Android phone.

The CMS5 is compatible with the outboard SiriusXM SVX200 and new SXV300 outboard tuners. The CMS5 displays SiriusXM album art and channel logos, and it features SXM Go Live, a replay feature that lets users listen to a song, pause it and restart. Users can also rewind a song and fast-forward it within a buffered period.

Also new is the $699 M704, a one-piece head unit with stainless-steel chassis, 3.5-inch optically bonded water-tight color LCD, AM/FM weatherband tuner, J1939 interface, 4×19-watt RMS amp, Bluetooth, dual rear USBs, Made For iPod/iPhone/iPad USB, and control of music stored on a USB-connected Android phone set to massstorage mode. The head also controls Pandora on a USB-connected iPhone and Bluetooth-connected Android phone.

The M704 is also compatible with the outboard Sirius XM SVX200 and new SXV300 tuners. Its color LCD displays Sirius XM album art and station logos. The head unit also offers SXM Go Live.

Another new two-piece head unit is the $399-suggested CMS2, whose controller mounts on a pedestal. The controller features three-line dot-matrix display.

The head unit offers Bluetooth, dual USBs, Made for iPod/iPhone USB, and control of music on a USBconnected iPhone set in mass-storage mode. Power output is 4×20 watts RMS.

The Sirius XM-compatible head unit lacks J1939 interface and display of Sirius XM album art and channel logos. It also doesn’t control Sirius XM Go Live, and it lacks Pandora control.