Cisco's Routing System Triples Capacity

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San Jose, Calif. - Cisco Systems today introduced a new Internet routing system that is designed to serve as the backbone for the next-generation Internet.

The Carrier Routing System, or CRS-3, can handle 322TBps of data. This is triple the capacity of the company's current CRS-1 router, said Cisco CEO John Chambers. For example, a router running at 322TBps could download the entire Library of Congress in one second.


 The implementation of the CRS-3 will enable it to fully support the massive deployment of video for consumer and commercial use, Chambers said. Chambers discussed several usage models, such as Telepresence, at

International CES

in January. This is a commercial application that would allow doctors to remotely examine and diagnose illnesses via a video connection, as well as accommodate the increasing popularity of video on the web.

The router is now being tested by AT&T Labs in Florida and Louisiana.

Chambers did not reveal a timetable for the widespread implementation of the CRS-3 routers.

"Today this might not seem so exciting to the average consumer, but it's building the foundation for the future," he said.


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