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Cisco Refreshes Flip Pocket Cam Family

New York – Looking to stay on top of the competitive pocket video
camera market,


unveiled four new
Flip models Monday that will give holiday shoppers a range of options from
which to choose.

New models, which are available at retail today, include two Flip
UltraHD models and two Flip MinoHD models, each of which brings new cosmetics
and several new features, including a hardware-based always-on image
stabilization system for the first time.

The new UltraHD and MinoHD models will replace the earlier
versions in the Flip lineup, the company said.

New UltraHD models will be available in two storage capacity
versions: a one-hour version (4GB of built-in memory) in a choice of colors,
including new magenta, blue and white, at a $150 suggested retail; and a $200
suggested retail two-hour version (8GB) offering a thinner body style, a choice
of white or black colors and the ability to record 720p HD video at up to a 60 fps
rate. The frame rate for the one-hour version remains at 30 fps for 720p.

The company made a strategic decision not to have their
camcorders record 1080 video in order to reduce long download times, and
enhance the simplicity of operation.

The one-hour UltraHD version will retain the thicker body style
of the previous generation to appeal to some customers who find the added girth
more comfortable in the hand, the company explained.

Models accept either rechargeable batteries, with approximately
two hours of use per charge, or two AA batteries.

New MinoHD models will be available in two versions. A one-hour
(4GB) version with 720p/60 fps recording capability and a choice of brushed
silver or black colors, for a $180 suggested retail.

A two-hour (8GB) version with 720p/60 fps capability will carry a
$230 suggested retail and will be available in black, or custom colors when
purchased through the online store.

Cisco also added a new “FlipPort” to the bottom of the new video
camcorders in order to enable third-party manufacturers to develop accessories
for the popular Flip pocket camera line.

Third-party manufacturers will able to put a special logo on
their packaging to let purchasers know that a product has been specifically
designed for Flip.

A number of firms are already on board, Cisco said, including
Blue Microphone which is making a “Mikey” external stereo microphone, and iGo
which will offer a portable video projector. A number of third-party products
are expected have products available in October, Cisco said.

The additional SKUs will bring the company that pioneered the
pocket cam segment (it currently claims sales of more than 5 million units
since launch), a range of feature offerings, different colors and different
price points to appeal to a broader audience.

The company is also expanding on its personalized product
offerings by making all of the Flip cameras available with customized graphical
elements on the bodies for people who order through customer-direct
online shop.

The new models, which ship with the company’s easy to use
FlipShare v5.8 software installed on the onboard memory, will continue to be
marketed with an emphasis on simplicity, the company said. The cameras will
retain the fast video-download time of earlier versions and personalized
channels allowing free private file sharing.

The new 5.8 software version will include the ability to upload
videos to Twitter, in addition to YouTube and Facebook that had been possible