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Circuit City Launches Vendor Extranet

Richmond, Va. — Circuit City has launched a new vendor extranet that’s designed to increase collaboration between the retailer and its suppliers.

“By raising the bar in vendor communication, we can further strengthen the level of synchronization between ourselves and our vendors,” said Victor Engesser, vendor relations VP at Circuit City. “Our vendor partners are important to effective supply chain execution, and we believe strong communication is the cornerstone of a strong relationship.”

The site complies with protocols developed by the Vendor Compliance Federation (VCF), a 500-member retail trade group that’s working to increase supply chain efficiencies, minimize order fulfillment risk, integrate processes and eliminate disconnects to prevent profit loss.

By integrating the extranet with the organization’s compliance clearinghouse, Circuit City suppliers will have the ability to easily access information regarding Circuit City’s vendor requirements, the group said.

“This joint initiative marks a step forward in collaboration between Circuit City and its vendors,” noted Mark Jones, VCF’s co-managing director.