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Circuit City Expands Battery Recycling Commitment

Atlanta — Circuit City and the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) announced Call2RecycleT — a consumer initiative designed to increase Circuit City’s participation in RBRC’s recycling program.

RBRC is a nonprofit, public service organization dedicated to recycling used rechargeable batteries and old cellphones. More than 50,000 retail, business and community collection locations participate in RBRC’s rechargeable battery recycling program, according to a statement from the company.

In addition to the regular Call2Recycle collection boxes currently available in Circuit City stores throughout the United States, Circuit City recently began distributing individual collection bags to customers in an effort to further educate consumers on the importance of protecting the environment.

Circuit City, one of several retailers that participate in the Call2Recycle program, is the first retailer to expand upon the existing program set up by RBRC, according to the statement.

The branded collection bags provide step-by-step instructions for rechargeable battery and cellphone recycling and encourage consumers to drop off these items at all Circuit City locations.

Nearly 100,000 collection bags were distributed to customers at 20 Circuit City Superstores in Virginia from May through July, said the companies, and Circuit City will hand out an additional 250,000 collection bags through its e-commerce program from September through October. All customers who make online purchases will be sent a collection bag with their order.

As part of Circuit City’s regular participation in the Call2Recycle program, consumers can drop off their used rechargeable batteries and old cellphones in RBRC collection boxes located in all Circuit City Superstores nationwide. Circuit City recycles used rechargeable batteries commonly found in laptop computers, cordless power tools, digital cameras, cordless phones, etc.

Circuit City has participated in RBRC’s Call2Recycle program since May 2006.