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CinemaNow Adds Qflix

Marina Del Rey, Calif. — CinemaNow said it has reached a deal to use Sonic Solution’s Qflix DVD burning technology and its Roxio Venue download software to enable burning downloads to recordable DVDs using millions of PCs.

Using the Qflix technology, Content Scramble System (CSS)-encrypted movies and videos purchased through CinemaNow for download to a PC will be burnable to recordable DVDs for archival purposes. All downloadable content will be compatible with standard DVD players, and content prices will range from $1.99 to $19.95 each.

CinemaNow’s burnable offerings will include all major movie and television releases from Disney, Fox, Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers.

Last week, the movie download service also revealed a partnership with Samsung making CinemaNow content available for playback on Samsung’s new P2 portable media player.

Content burned to recordable DVD’s using Qflix will preserve the DRM content protection to prevent multigenerational copying.

Additionally, CinemaNow’s library of video content will be available within Sonic’s movie download application, Roxio Venue that will be distributed through Sonic’s OEM and retail channels.

Roxio Venue is now available to PC OEMs for inclusion on systems equipped with Qflix-enabled DVD burners.

“Our commitment to enhancing the digital entertainment experience has driven CinemaNow to develop a comprehensive set of tools that deliver high-quality movies and television programs across multiple platforms,” stated Curt Marvis, CinemaNow CEO. “In moving quickly to integrate our service with Sonic’s application, we are pleased to unlock a vast collection of previously unavailable content for consumers to instantly access in the home and burn to DVD.”