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Chip Debuts For Stereo Daisy-Chains

Electronic Systems Products, a Norcross, Ga.-based IC chip creator wholly owned by ANTEC, says it has developed a low-cost single-chip encoder that will allow home video devices to maintain stereo audio separation when products are daisy-chained using standard RF coaxial wiring.

Currently, cable, satellite and local broadcast facilities in the U.S. encode stereo content in Broadcast Television Standards Committee (BTSC) format prior to transmission, but after the signal is delivered to the first device, stereo separation passes through that device’s RF output jack. The only way to maintain stereo separation between multiple devices is to make the second connection using two (right and left channel) RCA cables.

The chip is designed to BTSC specifications and will re-encode the stereo signal emitted from the device’s RF coax connection. The company said it is talking with manufacturers about placing the chips in consumer video products.