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Chief Upgrades MountBuilder Web Feature

Minneapolis — Chief Manufacturing has upgraded its Web site to include a new version of its interactive MountBuilder feature, which allows consumers and installers to customize flat-panel mount configurations.

According to Chief, MountBuilder users can now share their customized configurations with others through a generated link that can be emailed or posted to a Web site. When users click on the link, the fully assembled configuration appears in their browser, along with the pre-built parts list.

Also new, MountBuilder can now assemble a “spec packet” containing all related, downloadable files for the parts in the configuration. Users can preview and select which files they would like to have included — such as product manuals, technical drawings, brochures, catalog pages and CAD drawings — and MountBuilder will automatically gather the files together and compress them into a ZIP file archive for download.

Chief also added product detail links to its parts menu. Clicking on a part name in will now open the product detail page on the Web site to provide more detailed information about a specific part.

Other new features include custom flat-panel mounting solutions, and accessory depth added to the configuration depth calculations.

Chief’s MountBuilder application can be accessed here.