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Changhong To Add Samba Smart-TV Platform

San Francisco — Second-screen smart-TV app developer Flingo said Tuesday that Chinese TV manufacturer Changhong has reached a deal to integrate Flingo’s Samba interactive TV platform into its forthcoming smart TVs.

Samba, which made its debut at the 2013 International CES, instantly identifies live TV shows, recommends related online videos, and aggregates real-time information, including social-media discussions about the TV program currently playing.

Samba also features check-ins, tweets, polls, quizzes, cast and crew information, and special offers directly on the TV or second-screen device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Flingo said the system enables viewers to view content on the TV or mobile device, and instantly share their favorites with friends.

“Changhong’s smart TVs will have a strong presence in North America because we offer great features and great value,” said Wenjun Yu, Changhong marketing director. “The partnership with Flingo allows us to offer many new content choices at no additional cost to the consumer.  Furthermore, with Flingo’s new Samba platform, Changhong immediately has a powerful tool to bring together phones, tablets and TVs to make a smarter TV experience.”

“Samba will have a profound effect on the living room experience,” said Ashwin Navin, Flingo co-founder and CEO. “Watching TV is always better with friends, and the wealth of information on the web when presented in the right interface gives the viewer unparalleled control over the TV experience. We are excited to have Changhong as a partner to drive innovation within the smart TVs.”

Changhong is one of the largest TV set assemblers in China, where it markets set under its own brand, as well as in other parts of the world, including Europe. In North America, the company has primarily produced sets for OEM customers, including Apex Digital.