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Chain Reaction Of Price Cuts Hits PDP TVs

New York – The annual holiday price-slashing frenzy on first-tier plasma and LCD TVs resumed on schedule Aug. 27, as Panasonic confirmed that it became the latest of several manufacturers to announce price reductions across its plasma TV lines.

Aggressive price cuts announced by the manufacturer last year set off a price slashing and consumer purchasing frenzy that kept industry inventories in near out-of-stock conditions throughout the holidays and for several weeks into the new year.

Manufacturers, including Panasonic, this year have vowed to be ready, adding additional production lines and plants to ramp up supplies.

Panasonic’s latest cuts on suggested retail prices ranged from $500 to $200. The company’s 58W-inch TH-58PX600U, which fell from $5,999.95 to $5,499.95 and TH-58PX60U, which fell from $5,499.95 to $4,999.95, both received $500 reductions, while the 37W-inch TH-37PX60U, which fell from $1,999.95 to $1,799.95, was the lone $200 price drop.

Other affected models received $400 price cuts. The 50W-inch TH-50PX600U was reduced from $3,999.95 to $3,599.95; the 42W-inch TH-42PX600U was reduced from $2,999.95 to $2,599.95; the 50W-inch TH-50PX60U was reduced from $3,499.95 to $3,099.95 and 42W-inch TH-42PX60U was reduced from $2,499.95 to $2,099.95.

Panasonic’s 65W-inch 1080p model was unchanged at $9,999.95.

Meanwhile, several retail chains including Circuit City and Fry’s recently advertised rebate offers on select plasma models, which were applied on top of the recent price cuts.

Other manufacturers making recent price moves include, Hitachi which cut retail prices by $300 on 42W- and 55W-inch Hi-Plasma models including the — 42HDS69 and 55HDS69.

Additionally, on Aug. 27th HP dropped the prices its plasma models. The 42W-inch PL4260N dropped $100 to a $1,699.99 suggested retail and the 50W-inch PL5060N dropped $200 to a $2,599.99 suggested retail.

Effective Sept. 3, HP said it will also drop the price of its 32W-inch LC3260N LCD TV by $200 to a $1,099.99 suggested retail. Then on Sept. 24th, additional HP LCD TVs will receive the following price reductions:

  • The 32W-inch LC3260N will be reduced $100 to a $999.99 suggested retail.
  • The 37W-inch LC3760N will drop $200 to a $1,499.99 suggested retail.

The 32W-inch MediaSmart SLC3760N will drop $200 to a $2,499.99 suggested retail.