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CFA Reveals New XQD Compact Flash Format


The Compact-
Flash Association (CFA) introduced
this month a new XQD standard for CF
cards that should enable data transfer
speeds out of the gate of 125MB/s/.

Based on the PCIe standard, XQD
CF cards promise even greater speeds
down the road, the association said.

The new cards, which will be both
smaller and faster than the current CF
format cards, offer a different physical
format, and, therefore, are not expected
to be compatible with current CF-based

Licensing for CFA members will start in
early 2012, and no camera makers have
announced plans to use the format yet.

The faster data rates are expected to
help CF cards stay a step ahead of SD
cards, which have gained considerable
momentum in adoption
by camera manufacturers
in recent years. The
SD card format also
continues to improve
both storage capacities
and speed, furthering
its adoption into non-camera categories
as well.

Key features of the XQD format include:
a 38.5mm by 29.9mm by 3.8mm
optimized size format, greater durability,
scalable high performance interface,
based on PCI Express
2.5Gbps today
and 5Gbps in
the future (instead
of PCMCIA used by
SD cards), and actual
write speed targets of
125MB/sec and higher.

The association has also created a
new XQD logo to help identify cards
based on the new format.

“The XQD format will enable further
evolution of hardware and imaging applications,
and widen the memory card
options available to CompactFlash
users such as professional photographers,”
said Shigeto Kanda CFA chairman
and Canon executive.

The CFA said it plans to show XQD
cards at its booth at CP+ 2012, February
9-12 in Yokohama, Japan.