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CFA Intros CF 6.0 Spec, Updates Logo & Website

Cupertino, Calif. – The
CompactFlash Association (CFA) announced the CF 6.0 specification on Thursday,
along with a new logo and a “refreshed” website meant to coincide with its
15-year anniversary.

The new CF 6.0
specification is said to be provide an interface speed of 167MBps, compared
with the current 90MBps speed, and is backward compatible. Other new details of
the spec include a Sanitize command, trim usage guidelines and an operating temperature
range function.

A CFA spokesman told
TWICE that the new website features include a cleaner user interface that makes
it easier to find interface, and that the CFA “brand” will be refreshed to
matched target markets and have marketing tools to attract and retain members.