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Ceton Ships InfiniTV 4 USB TV/PC Cable Device

Kirkland, Wash. –


is now offering its InfiniTV 4 USB quad HD-tuner-equipped digital cable decoder
and DVR, which will bring cable programming to any Windows 7 PC for playback on
one or multiple TVs in the house.

InfiniTV 4 USB (available now at a $299 suggested retail) is an
alternative cable set-top box tuner/DVR designed to use the power and storage
capacity of Windows 7 PC to bring new levels of functionality to cable TV viewing
on connected PC monitors or TV sets.

The addition of a Media Center extender — such as an Xbox 360,
for example — will enable viewers to watch live HD shows and have DVR functionality
available to multiple TV sets in the house.

Viewers can use their PCs as a home entertainment hub to deliver
the benefits of the cable set-top box and DVR without the need to pay monthly DVR
fees, and reduce or eliminate any leasing fee for cable set-top equipment.

Combining InfiniTV 4 USB with a Media Center-enabled PC combines
multiple sources of TV and video content on a single device. Users can record four
simultaneous channels of basic and premium high-definition cable TV plus DVDs,
Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and any Internet video service that can be accessed

The system also allows the use of the PC’s hard drive as a
storage medium, giving users more potential storage space than is available on
typical cable-company-supplied set-top DVRs.

 “With today’s economy,
consumers are looking for ways to get more out of the gear they already own,
and shave a few costs in the meantime,” said Gary Hammer, Ceton CEO. “Windows
Media Center and InfiniTV 4 USB help families actually get more out of their
cable subscription, lets them ditch cable set-top boxes and monthly rental
fees, all while giving them a better way to enjoy TV. Ceton’s InfiniTV 4 USB is
the cornerstone of an entertainment platform that brings all of a family’s TV
entertainment together on one device — and just in time for football and the
new fall season of shows.”

InfiniTV 4 USB is available now from



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