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CES Will Have ‘Eureka!’ Zone At 2012 Show


The Consumer
Electronics Association (CEA)
has launched Eureka! Park Tech-
Zone, a dedicated area at the
2012 International CES showcasing
innovative startups and

A keynote speech by Gary Shapiro,
president/CEO of CEA, at the
CEA Line Show, held here late last
month, revealed that 28 companies already have signed up
to exhibit in the Eureka! Park TechZone, which is sponsored
by the National Science Foundation and CNET.

The Eureka! Park TechZone is an area for small companies
to display new technology that will be commercially
available in three years and products that are not
available on the market now.

“It has been one week since we reached out to companies
to see if there is an interest, and we have signed
28 firm,” with Shapiro expecting more to come.

The Eureka! Park TechZone will be located at The Venetian.
Companies interested in exhibiting in the Eureka!
Park TechZone should contact Kristen Stake at

[email protected]

or (703) 907-7648.

Shapiro also said the 2012 show will be held Jan. 10-
13, a Tuesday to Friday show vs. the usual Thursday to
Sunday schedule. Shapiro said this will appeal to exhibitors
and attendees since the dates are “pushed back”
from the holidays and will be appreciated by those who
prefer weekday and not weekend travel. CES registration
begins today, July 5. Go to

more information.

Shapiro also launched the Declaration of Innovation
and called for more spectrum dedicated to wireless