CES New Product Info Deadline Nov. 22


For the TWICE Jan. 9 CES issue. 

Send new product information with pictures, via e-mail or regular mail, to:

360 Park Avenue South
New York, N.Y.   10010

Video/Home Satellite, Multimedia - Greg Tarr gtarr@reedbusiness.com

Home Audio, Wireless Communications - Joe Palenchar jpalenchar@reedbusiness.com

Computer Technology - Doug Olenick dolenick@reedbusiness.com

Accessories - Jeff Malester jmalester@reedbusiness.com

Digital Cameras, Home Phones - Greg Scoblete gscoblete@reedbusiness.com

Major Appliances - Alan Wolf awolf@reedbusiness.com

Mobile Electronics - Amy Gilroy amyog@aol.com or call (203) 387-3179

For the TWICE CES Official Dailies

Mail copies of new product info and pictures to Steve Smith at the address above OR e-mail the releases and image files (three per company) to twicecesdaily@reedbusiness.com

For any questions concerning the above information please call Steve Smith at (646) 746-6987.


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