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CES To Increase Imaging Focus

Arlington, Va. — CES is estimated to attract an estimated 30,000-plus digital imaging retailers, distributors and buyers when it opens its doors in January.

The industry trade show will play host to a number of imaging vendors, including Canon, Fujifilm, HP, Kodak and Olympus in addition to mainstay CE brands such as Panasonic and Sony, which have consumed a significant share of the digital camera market.

To compliment the exhibitions, CES will also showcase several imaging-related “TechZones,” including Flash Forward 2.0 located in the Central Plaza, and sponsored by CEA and InfoTrends Research Group.

Other related TechZones will focus on flash memory and content storage and include the MultiMediaCard Association TechZone, the SD Card TechZone and the Digital Content Storage TechZone.

The show will also play host to a series of panel discussions. In the Digital Cameras Get Competition SuperSession on opening day, an industry panel will grapple with how camera-equipped cellphones and single-use cameras are affecting the market, as well as which features digital cameras are adding to stay ahead of the competition.