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CES Day 1

I’m Doug Olenick, TWICE’s computer technology editor. For the next couple of days I’m going to give you a somewhat different view of what takes place at International CES. Giving me a hand will be Shannon Gilroy, who for lack of a title, can be called TWICE’s go-to person for celebrity sightings at the show. This is my 26th visit to Las Vegas. And, yes, I’m still alive with a more or less fully functioning brain. The show is a handful, but it is something to experience.

I did visit the city once while on vacation with a friend, but the remaining 25 times have been for business, mainly covering CES or the old Comdex show. You might say that coming to Vegas for work really is a vacation, and to some extent you would be right. Any place where a person can be seen drinking beer in public at 7 a.m. and not be considered a drunken bum is pretty cool. My apologies to the guys I see sitting on the bench along Madison Square Park in New York each morning who are busy sipping their 40s of Old English. I, of course, think very highly of their chosen path in life.

I highly recommend visiting this neon-lit lunatic asylum, at least once. It’s an experience to see the giant hotels built on gambling losses, drinking and other activities that should not be mentioned in a family-oriented blog, although they might be if my editor doesn’t pay attention.

So starting tomorrow I intend to give everyone my view, that of a working journalist, of what it’s like at CES. I’ll try and give a quick rundown on what’s going on several times a day. Not just the new product stuff or keynote speech coverage — you can read all about that in TWICE or on — but the fun things that take place at and in between the booths as well.

Here is where you will learn what goes on in between all those events. Celebrity sightings, vendor giveaways and the general weirdness that takes place on the show floor and outside in the city will be included, along with crazy people out on the sidewalks and all the other interesting stuff.