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CES 2012: UGE Opens Renewable Energy Monitoring

LAS VEGAS — Urban Green Energy (UGE) revealed ViewUGE, a
web-based remote monitoring system for green energy.

The system allows users to monitor energy generation from UGE’s
small wind turbines and other sources of renewable energy, and energy

UGE works with homeowners and businesses to install small wind
turbines to provide an alternative energy source. The new monitoring ties small
wind with the smart grid, meaning it allows its customers to determine how much
each alternative energy channel supplies, and how much the household is using.

While the company primarily markets and sells small wind
turbines, the interface allows users to monitor energy produced by solar panels
and other sources within the same interface. ViewUGE also allows users to
monitor the weather to determine how that affects energy collection.

“[Customers] can monitor how much energy they are using,” said
Nick Blitterswyk, CEO of UGE. “You have a certain level of accountability. Renewable
energy is inherently variable, making monitoring and connectivity a critical
component to broader adoption,” said Blitterswyk, in a statement.