CES 2012: Rockchip Bows Home Content Sharing Solution


LAS VEGAS - Rockchip has its head in the clouds.

That is, the mobile Internet division of Chinese semiconductor company Fozhou Rockchip Electronics has an eHome Cloud solution that lets households share media across devices.

AWi-Fi-enabled box connects all the phones, tablets and computers in a household to allow for easier syncing and sharing of media. That media can then be consumed on the TV.

"The concept is to replace the PC. Nobody needs the PC," said Rockchip VP Chen Feng. The eHome box transmits what's happening on any screen, such as a smartphone or tablet, wirelessly to the TV screen. This is called WiMo or Wireless Mobile, which was developed by China Mobile.

The current-generation box uses RK29XX chip RK2918, with a Cortex A8 high-performance SoC. The box competes with smart, or connected, TVs that connect to the Internet and download content from online sources.

The problem with the smart TV, Feng said, is that the firmware on the TV is outmoded within a year. The eHome smart box costs about $60 and is easily updated when a new generation becomes available.

"The TV is a consumer durable good," said Feng. "The box is high tech. The TV is just a monitor. It's the right thing to have a detachable box."

At CES Rockchip also showed tablets and smartphones using the RK2918 chip running at 1GhZ speed and running Ice Cream Sandwich. Feng said the next-generation chip - RK30, running a dual-core processor at 1.5GhZ - will be out in about two months.

Rockchip is exhibiting in the South Hall in booth number 36835.


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