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CES 2011: XpanD Debuts Customizable 3D Glasses

CES 2011

Las Vegas – XpanD
today at International CES introduced customizable universal active-shutter 3D
glasses that are customizable to a user’s viewing environment through a
smartphone app.

The company said
its new Youniversal series of 3D electronic eyewear offers personal
optimization to account for a user’s unique eyesight, facial structure, viewing
position and room dynamics.

“The Youniversal
glasses put the YOU in universal,” said XpanD CEO Maria Costeira. “Recognizing
that no two people view 3D in the exact same way, we have designed our
electronic eyewear to comprehensively address the unique differences in
people’s vision, the viewing environment and selection of 3D devices. In doing
so, we’re creating the ultimate 3D experience.”

Available in
black, gray and red in male and female sizes, the new glasses will begin
shipping in April and will communicate with IR, Bluetooth, RF and DLP-Link
platforms. The smartphone app will initially be available for Apple and Android

The glasses were
designed by the Gigodesign studio and Costeiro called them “the lightest and
fastest active shutter glasses on the market. Every parameter from viewer
optimization, interoperability, unit weight and comfort was evaluated and XpanD
made groundbreaking improvements in every category,” she said.

Retail pricing
will be announced at a later date.