CES 2011: Nvidia, ARM Join On Processor Development

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Las Vegas - Nvidia said today it has gained the licensing rights and is working in partnership with ARM to develop a CPU based on ARM's processor architecture.

Dubbed Project Denver, the processor will have an Nvidia CPU running the ARM instruction set. These will be integrated onto the same chip as an Nvidia graphics processor unit, said Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia's CEO and president.

In addition, Microsoft reported today it will support ARM processors with its upcoming Windows 8 operating system along with other low-powered processors. Huang said it makes perfect sense for Microsoft to finally come into the ARM camp.

Huang said ARM is now the fastest-growing processor architecture in the world, and he cited a Mercury Research study that said 9 billion ARM processors will ship by 2014.

"The energy around the ARM architecture is enormous," Huang said, adding its shipments over the next few years will far outstrip those based on the x86 architecture.

The goal of the partnership is to allow manufactures to use ARM processors on a variety of non-mobile devices, such as personal computers servers and workstations.

ARM is a primary supplier of processors in the mobile computing space.

A time frame for shipping the Project Denver CPU was not revealed.


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