CES 2011: JVC Brings Cloud-Based Nav To Car A/V Heads


Las Vegas - JVC Mobile has devised a way to turn lower priced car A/V head units into more expensive navigation systems.

 Full Power has upgraded its Motion X cloud-based iPhone navigation app to display maps and turn-by-turn driving instructions  with voice prompts on JVC's large-screen A/V units while the vehicle is in motion. The app comes with $20/year subscription.

Consumers connect the JVC head unit to an iPhone via a USB cable that also sends composite video from the iPhone to a separate video input on the head unit's back panel.

 The app has been upgraded to automatically recognize JVC head units and reformat maps and other information for display on the larger screens.  The upgraded app also lets drivers select maps for display on the head unit's screen and simultaneously display separate navigation information on the docked iPhone.

The app works with JVC A/V head units priced at an everyday $449, $499, and $599 compared to JVC's opening-price nav system at $899.

 Although the iPhone must be in cellular range to download maps and driving instructions, the app will continue to provide directions even if cellular signal is later lost, JVC said. The app will also reroute drivers if they go off course after losing cellular signal.


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