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CES ’09 Named ‘Greenest’ Show

Arlington, Va.

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced today that the 2009
International CES was named North America’s Greenest Show by

Trade Show Executive


CEA was awarded the “Leader in Green Initiatives” Gold Grand
Award for outstanding green presence in producing that year’s International

Building upon its green initiatives, the 2011 CES will again
feature the Sustainable Planet TechZone, sponsored by Earth 911, which will
showcase world-changing technologies that benefit the environment, utilize new
forms of sustainable energy, renew resources and contribute to the global

This exhibit area will feature products and services that
make it possible for everyone to stay connected, informed and live sustainable
lifestyles. The Electric Vehicle TechZone will also highlight the latest
technology behind electric vehicles for consumers seeking to live more
sustainably through alternative transportation.

CES attendees collectively avoid more than 700 million miles
of business travel – enough to travel from the earth to the sun seven times. In
addition, CES has offset more than 20,000 tons of carbon emissions over the
past several years.

CEA, the owner of CES, works with its event partners to
produce recycling programs and to promote those initiatives to CES attendees.
CES continues to work to improve its green footprint each year, including at
the upcoming 2011 International CES which will run January 6-9 in Las Vegas,