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Cellular Competing For Ear Time With Music Radio

Overland Park, Kan. — Will cellular kill the radio station?

An expansion of Sprint PCS’s streaming-music services could determine whether terrestrial radio stations should fear the onset of cellular-based streaming music services.

Following its launch of a subscription-based Sirius service, Sprint PCS launched subscription-based Rhapsody Radio in conjunction with Real Networks’ Rhapsody Internet-based streaming service. The addition brings Sprint’s selection of subscription-based music services to four.

Sprint offers Music Choice at $5.95/month, MSpot at $5.95/month, Sirius Music at $6.95/month and Rhapsody Radio at $6.95/month. By the end of the year, Sprint plans to add over-the-air music downloads.

Rhapsody Radio’s channels include Urban Hitz Radio, Alternative Radio, Country, 70s Station, Pop Hits, Beats N Breaks and streaming podcasts of the Santa Monica NPR station. Music news and reviews are also offered along with music videos.

Last week, Sprint announced availability of 21 channels of Sirius music and related programming. Sirius channels include pop, hip hop/R&B, rock, country, jazz, blues, Broadway, electronic and dance, as well as “hits” from the various decades from the 1960s to the present.

Later this year, Sprint plans to offer an over-the-air music-download service.