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Cells’ Small Screens A Big Part Of The CES Picture

In the consumer electronics big picture, the small screens of cellphones play a prominent role.

Cellular handset sales growth remains strong despite high penetration rates as more and more consumers replace their phones for the latest model with fashion buzz or increasingly affordable advanced features, which turn the devices into portable entertainment products and portable productivity tools.

Although replacement sales account for as much as 80 percent of all cellphone sales, according to one marketer, first-timer users continue to account for a sizable chunk of sales as cellular’s penetration rate continues to head up.

How long can the buying frenzy go on? What is the next step in the evolution of the cellphone as a converged device? How will it coexist with new wireless technologies on the horizon?

To analyze these issues, TWICE assembled a panel of cellular-industry players. They were asked to respond by e-mail to questions about these issues. Here’s what they had to say: