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CEDIA Expo 2008: More Brands Connect To NetStreams IP Network  

Denver — A growing number of companies came to the CEDIA Expo with products that connect to networked, IP-based multiroom-A/V systems from NetStreams.

The companies include speaker company Atlantic Technology and music-server suppliers NaimNet and Qsonix. Those companies join speaker supplier Polk. NetStreams also announced that HDTV maker NuVision plans to incorporate NetStreams technology in future HDTVs to stream video from central video sources.

NetStreams’ systems convert PCM, WAV and MP3 files in real time into IP packets for distribution over CAT-5 cable to multiple rooms in the house. The systems convert video sources’ analog video outputs into IP streams delivered to NetStreams’ video clients in other rooms. Music streams are received and amplified by in-wall digital amplifiers, which incorporate electronic crossovers, DSP circuitry and IP control modules and which are mounted near the custom speakers that they drive. The audio and video sources are controlled from in-room in-wall touchpads, the latest of which incorporates 2×50-watt amplifier at less than $2,000 to simplify installation.

In other NetStreams developments, the company unveiled its first in-wall four-channel decoder/amplifier, which is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of biamplifying custom-installed IP-ready speakers shipping from Polk and soon to ship from Atlantic Technology. The $1,198 4×25-watt decoder/amplifier makes it unnecessary to install two two-channel decoder/amplifiers.

Atlantic’s speakers, which are modified versions of three existing in-wall speakers, are on display in the NetStreams booth and will start to become available in the fourth quarter for use in NetStreams systems. The Atlantic models, like the Polk models, feature an “A-B” connector switch to switch between conventional speaker terminals, and a Euro-style barrier connector that connects the speakers to the NetStreams amplifiers/processors.