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CEDIA Expo 2008: JBL Adds Speakers, More Wireless

JBL is here at CEDIA Expo with an expanded selection of wireless subwoofers, its first wireless add-on module to connect to any passive speaker pair, a new high-end in-room speaker series, and what it calls its most advanced digital equalizer/crossover ever.

The new SDEC-4500 digital equalizer/crossover, which will be included in the brand’s high-end Synthesis speaker/electronics packages for home theater audio. It delivers more adjustable frequency bands with more precise equalization per band than its predecessors to deliver more precise room-correction equalization to all speakers in a home theater system, including multiple subwoofers, JBL said.

The new LS speaker series, targeted to dealers of JBL’s Synthesis high-end home theater audio systems, consists of four models priced from a suggested $999 each to $1,999 each. They consist of a compact bookshelf speaker, two floorstanding towers and a dedicated center channel, all with curved contours, tapered side panels and high-gloss stained-wood finish. The top tower, the LS80, features 3.5-way crossover design to allow two woofers to operate in different frequency ranges to deliver more balanced sound across a wider sweet spot. Frequency response extends to 40kHz. Delivery dates were unavailable at press time.

In wireless, the brand is launching two new wireless subs to replace a single model shipping since early this year. Both are packaged with a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter that connects to an A/V receiver or other audio component. The $729-suggested ES250PW features a 12-inch woofer and 400-watt amp, while the $599 ES150PW features 10-inch woofer and 300-watt amp. Shipments dates were unavailable.

The $359-suggested On Air WEM-1 Wireless Expansion Module consists of a transmitter that connects to an audio source and a receiver/amplifier module that connects to a speaker pair. Sources could include an A/V receiver to transmit stereo to other rooms or surround-channel information to a home theater’s surround speakers. Sources could also include a PC or iPod.

The transmitter module features speaker-level inputs and preamp-level RCA inputs. A mini-jack adapter enables connection to a PC or MP3 player. The receiver/amplifier incorporates 2×50-watt amp and a local input for plugging in a local source.

The company is also showing its previously released first-of-a-kind indoor/outdoor surface-mount speaker. The Control Now speaker features quarter-round baffle and a back that’s angled.

The Control Now with a black finish retails for a suggested $249 each, and the Control Now AW outdoor version with white finish is $279 each.