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CEDIA 2008: AudioControl To Launch 1st AVR

CEDIA News Denver — AudioControl will come to the CEDIA Expo this week with its first A/V receiver (AVR), a 7×120-watt model with second- and third-zone A/V outputs, networked audio streaming, embedded decoders for all Blu-ray surround formats, and 120 inputs and outputs.

AudioControl’s product selection includes home theater processors, distributed audio amplifiers, signal processors and audio analysis products.

The Concert AVR-1, due in the fourth quarter, will also be among the first of a handful of A/V receivers with Dolby Volume, a technology that maintains a consistent volume level when audio and video sources are switched, TV channels are changed, and a TV or video program transitions to a louder commercial or to a softer scene. The technology also dynamically and automatically compensates for the human ear’s lower sensitivity to bass and treble sounds as volume levels decrease.

Pricing was unavailable.

The receiver/controller includes decoders for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, accepts signals from up to five discrete 1080p HDMI inputs, and features dual HDMI outputs assignable by the integrator to allow for priority switching via the display device.  Component, composite and S-video signals are up-converted and scaled to 1080p.

Proprietary Class H amplifier topology delivers cool operating temperatures and high reliability, allowing for minimal current draw even though it’s capable of driving 7×120 watts into 8 ohms, the company said. The AVR-1 also drives lower impedance loads.

Other features of interest to custom installers include RS-232 serial commands; IR commands; Sirius-ready capability; and audio streaming via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or USB, the company said. The device also features a high-gloss front panel, blue LED display and custom-designed trim bezel.