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CEA To Tap Social-Networking Data

Santa Clara,
Calif. — SocialNuggets it is providing social-networking data services to the
Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) to help identify key drivers of market
sentiment on consumer electronics products, including tablets, e-readers,
laptops, netbooks, smartphones and gaming platforms.

The SocialNuggets’
social-media analytics platform moves beyond traditional social-media
monitoring products to produce an in-depth look into the many layers of social-media

The company use
specially developed algorithms and curation to uncover sentiment around brands
and brand attributes.

“This will support
new and ongoing member research, ultimately empowering organizations to
anticipate and understand changing market dynamics as quickly as possible,” the
company said.

“Working with CEA
is an exciting step for SocialNuggets as we strive to deliver insights into
customer sentiments, perceptions, needs and wants,” stated R. Paul Singh, SocialNuggets
CEO. “We believe the research data that SocialNuggets delivers will be a strong
complement to the insights CEA provides its members. We look forward to working
with CEA on future endeavors.”

provides access to some of its ready-to-use research at

and sells full access to data for companies in the consumer electronics market.