CEA Takes Stake In Private Collaborative Development Firm

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Arlington, Va. - Looking to further its work in developing multi-industry standards and cooperation in emerging technologies for networked devices, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)said Monday it has acquired a minority stake in privately-held Global Inventures.

The stated mission of the more than 15-year-old Global Inventures is to develop, launch, manage and grow collaborative business ecosystems in the high tech, energy and healthcare markets, while helping manufacturers accelerate the process of bringing new technologies market.

Its work in forming and managing industry alliances is said to have "facilitated strategic collaboration among stakeholders and fostered the growth of numerous ecosystems around new technologies and initiatives."

In the past the company has worked on putting together such "ecosystem alliances" as Zigbee, SD Card, Home PNA, OCA and WiMedia.

Beyond networked devices, the company works with clean/green energy and healthcare technologies.

"This strategic investment is the logical next step in CEA's relationship with Inventures," stated Gary Shapiro, CEA's president and CEO. "The investment complements our efforts to encourage innovation and bring to market new industry standards and products by increasing our work with emerging technologies for networked consumer electronics and devices. CEA's investment with Inventures is significant financially and gives us minority ownership. It reflects our respect for Inventures' expertise and global approach to advancing innovation."

The agreement is aimed at helping both organizations bring together and align public and private industry stakeholders, including equipment and device manufacturers, service providers, software developers, system integrators, academic and research institutions and consumers.

CEA contributes its ANSI-accredited standards development system, legislative advocacy, market research, technical training and education, industry promotion, and the International CES.

Inventures brings collaboration expertise experience, management services and best practices required to drive successful technology and market development.

"This investment is a game-changing event," stated Deepak Kamlani, Inventures president and CEO. "Collaboration is increasingly necessary in an era shaped by rapid innovation, global markets, and pervasive connectivity of people, devices, and services. The new standards and solutions we have helped our clients develop over the years represent a strong foundation for sustained success. Our strategic partnership with CEA will help our clients amplify their footprint and desired results by tapping into CEA's vast resources, and enable us to drive our expansion and growth and harvest new opportunities globally."

Inventures said it will continue to operate as a privately held firm from its San Ramon, Calif. headquarters. Effective immediately, Inventures clients will have access to CEA's ANSI/CEA standards development services, industry events and trade shows, the company said.

CEA members will have access to Inventures' emerging technology and ecosystem building expertise.

Joint programs and services resulting from the collaboration are expected in the next year, the groups said.


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