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CEA Survey Foresees Wireless-Audio Growth

ARLINGTON, Va.—Sixteen percent of consumers own a portable wireless speaker, and 10 percent own a wireless multiroom audio system, CEA found in a survey.

And adoption is poised to grow.

Forty-four percent of consumers who don’t own a wireless multiroom system are interested in owning one, CEA said. And 28 percent of people who don’t own a portable wireless speaker, such as a Bluetooth speaker, plan to purchase one in the next two years.

The primary listening locations for wireless audio products are the living/family room (47 percent) and bedroom (28 percent), with 25 percent of consumers saying their primary listening area is in a different room.

The survey also found that:

— electronics stores are the most common place where consumer buy wireless multiroom-audio systems (43 percent) and portable wireless speakers (37 percent).

— Friends, family and co-workers are the most important sources of information for researching and buying wireless multiroom products (40 percent) and portable wireless speakers (38 percent).

— and 91 percent of wireless multiroom owners and 85 percent of portable wireless speaker owners would recommend their products to someone else.